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About Bulkfood 2 Go

DYLMINE GROUP OF COMPANIES (2627071 Ontario Corporation) Offers it’s Customers over two Thousand Specialty Bulk Food  and Health Products.

It is an on line Business, we’ve got links to web sites with the Product information and images of each item, just check for Products by Category.


GROCERY:  We offer Baking Goods such as Glazed Mixed Fruits, Sugars, Flours, Raisins, Currants etc.

TEA AND COFFEE:  We have a wide selection of Loose Teas (Fair Trade). Coffee Beans range from Turkish to Ethopian, Kenyan to Sumatra, plus Hot and Cold Beverages, to suit everyone’s taste buds!

GRAINS, CEREALS AND PULSES :  To jump start your day we have over a dozen Healthy Breakfast Choices from Steelcut Oats (Dr. Oz’s favourite Breakfast Choice) to 12 Grain Cereal, Spelt & Kamut Flakes not to mention Gluten Free choices as well.

SPICES: We have over 80 varieties of Spices to add a little Spice to your life!

GO NUTS ON US: We carry Almonds in almost every form; Whole, Ground, Sliced & Slivered, plus Cashews, Hazelnuts(Filberts), Brazilnuts, Pistachios, Walnuts, Peanuts to name a few..

SWEET FRUITS:  Dates, Kiwi Slices, Mango Slices, Papaya Chunks, Pineapple Diced, Ringed & Chunks, Prunes, Ginger Candied & Crystalized. Coconut Sweetened and Unsweetened, Cranberries, Cherries, Blueberries and many, many more.

CHECK OUT OUR CANDY SELECTION:  Kerr’s Quality Candies in over 20 different Flavours to choose; and everyone’s favourite Jelly Beans (Jelly Belly), Wedding Candy, Bulk Milk Chocolates, Semi Sweet to Bitter Sweet and White Chocolate also available in Slabs, Squares & Chips, Gummi Bears (Every kids favourite and some grownup kids too), Gummi Butterflies, Gummi Worms and our Signature Chocolate Covered Almonds.

HERBS:  We Specialize in over 80 Medicinal Herbs from lowering your Blood Sugar Levels to controlling your Cholesterol, Men’s Health (Saw Palmetto & Triphala) & Women’s Health -PMS Treatment, Menopause etc. also Anxiety to Sleep Disorders.

VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS:  Herbal Vigor & Vita Max (Sexual Disfunction).  Maca to boost Energy and Fertility Rate in both Sexes. We carry Brands such as Webber Naturals, Now, Organika, A Vogel, Renew Life, Progressive also Herbal Slims to help rid those stubborn extra pounds off! Whey Powders to help build lean muscle, and a slew of other products to help you stay healthy and fit.

So check us out either on line or at our Retail Store Location (Opening Soon) details will be posted.  We will always greet you with a Warm Welcome.


If you need to get a hold of the owner – Please contact him at 416-666-3479 or [email protected]